Deathlinks Revised

Becoming a writer kind of edged its way into my life after I needed a creative outlet to get through a difficult time. Deathlinks was the product of this outlet and while it served its purpose for eight years and it had a great message, there were more than a few passages where relevant thoughts needed expanding, and additional attention was required towards editing glitches.

Of course I didn’t publish Deathlinks aware of these bugs, but having written two more novels after, and honed my writing skills through the completion of a Bachelor’s degree and then a Masters, I became painfully conscious of how I cheated my first novel out of the chance to be justly presented.  For this reason, a revised version of Deathlinks is coming out at the end of July.  Along with revised passages, the second edition of Deathlinks will have a new cover.  I am posting the first three chapters, one week at a time on starting on July 28th, 2017.

Writing for me is the joy of telling imaginative stories about real social conditions to those who want to let loose from their lives for a while and escape into the pages of a good book. Thanks for being that reader, and I’ll see you tomorrow in the pages of Chapter One of Deathlinks on

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