Writing As a Slow Boil

As many of you may know, I had some pretty exciting news this week.  One of my novels has been accepted by Aignos Publishing, LLC for publication.  While the editing process for that project is still being set up, I am concluding the final edit for the second edition of Deathlinks, and the pressure is on to deliver the last and best version of my very first novel.

On a regular basis my heartstrings are plucked for the sake of producing what to me is an important message about faith, but more than that, Deathlinks became my teacher and my constant friend as I pursued the dream of becoming an accomplished writer.  I owe it to this old and dear friend to render that hidden chunk of my soul that embraces its depth.

Over the last twelve years, Deathlinks has been read and edited by me over fifty times.  It has become the proverbial practice piece as I saw myself getting better and better at the craft that I love.  This slow understanding of what is good writing and what is bad, bled into new manuscripts which provided me the chance to tell fresh stories with skillful confidence.  Deathlinks was instrumental in helping me find my narrative voice and for that I am profoundly grateful.

Tears well in my eyes as this phase of my artistic development comes to a close.  It is with humility and appreciation that I continue into the role of professional author, and my hope is to learn and grow from those who have been assigned to assist in the cultivation of my work, but it gives me pause to ponder the significance of a first novel, rather a first love.  Deathlinks will forever be my quintessential hope, and for that reason the second edition was a vital step in moving on.

On Friday, August 11, I will post Chapter Three of Deathlinks, and within the next days thereafter it will be available on Amazon.com for purchase.  For those of you who have hung in there through the thick of it, blunders, editing nightmares and all, I thank you, and I welcome you to engage in my future work.  Your support means everything.  As for Deathlinks, cheers, my friend – you have taught me well.

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