Reading Getaway’s December Author Spotlight – Victor Swatsek by E. M. Duesel

Victor Swatsek immigrated to the United States from Australia when he was seven years old. As a child he was attracted to mechanical drafting which morphed into a love for technical illustration. Just as Victor’s career was taking off, it was interrupted to perform his duty as a soldier in the United States Army. As most authors draw from their life experiences, Victor retained unique information from his experiences in the service and has incorporated them into stories for his books.

After the army, he went back to work as a technical illustrator and then a consultant for different aerospace companies. During his time as a technical illustrator he picked up a knack for writing. When he left his career of thirty-three years, he decided to use his gift of imagination and try his hand at writing action thrillers. Every author has a book they used as a chew toy, and Victor says that he wasn’t happy with his first two novels and chose to rewrite them. Writing is all about practice as well as reading authors who inspire you. His favorite authors are John McDonald, John Grissom, and Robert Ludlum.

Victor is a prolific writer and plans to write twenty-five books in his series. The result is a string of sixteen books, with the sixteenth book, The Paris Vendetta, coming out in early 2020. They all contain specific characters that reappear depending upon the story line. He uses the skills learned as an illustrator to map out an organizational chart to track the ages and businesses of each one. As an author his strength lies with his ability to organize his plots. If you are interested in a single, Victor does have one novel that has no ties to the series entitled The Last Crusader. You can find all of Victor Swatsek’s books on and you may visit his site at

Until next time, happy reading and Happy Holidays from Reading Getaway.