Chapter Two – The Beginning of Tau, Eta, and Mu

Naraka is structured with levels of agony where spirits begin, and their early lessons, while they are still vessels of perversion and loathing, are learned from suffering and torture. Harsh though it may seem, souls are forged in this environment. They learn to be humble but deserving spirits with every battle and merit earned. Each life is also a choice whether to go forward as a more purified spirit or stay in the bowels of Naraka spewing and hissing self-hatred, never to acquire affection for others who are grappling to likewise survive.

       To do this, there must be an understanding of the difference between self and community, love of one’s own and love of the world. Eight attempts are granted; some advance with fewer tries, and others wallow in narcissistic behavior that represses any hope of an existence beyond torment and punishment.

       A small newly formed black mist swirled around Narakasura sidling for his attention. He let it mingle with the other Danavas before singling it out. “Come with me. Where should I involve you? You seem eager enough.”

       The trifling black veil shrunk with fear at the gruff voice of the terrifying entity and fused again with the others. Narakasura filtered it out and forced it to stand on its own. The little bit of film was enchanting, a sense not often felt by him. There was something distinctive about it. He would send it to earth as a human to test out its potential and send along two others who were new.

       Although Narakasura delighted when the blackness prevailed, his actual role was to process potential souls that might assist in the progression of the Creator’s designs. As the Yin to the Creator’s Yang, he did his part. The black veil was separate from the light energy of the Creator, but every existence had its purpose, and after receiving free will it was up to each of them which path they chose to follow.

       A great growl heaved from him, and the three black mists found themselves on hold in an atmosphere wanton of love or warmth. Their spirits had been formed and were waiting for a body to inhabit. Instructions were not given. Nothing begets nothing, and they were new to experiences of any kind, so they indeed were nothing, and imperiled by the evil acts of human nature.

       The soul that had mesmerized Narakasura was first to be born in Mesopotamia. It was born a boy and into a family of foul, selfish people. He was not wanted as he was the eighth child born into this family. “It’s another boy, Anatu! What will you name him?”

       Anatu looked at her newborn son with disgust. “I don’t care… just another mouth to feed. Name him what you will. He will probably die before his second year, so why does it matter?”

       The handmaiden took the baby away from his mother’s sight and saddened by the mother’s indifference, named him Opis, a name that means plenty. The child had a loving demeanor. As he played at the feet of a caregiver, a puppy wandered over to him. She cuddled next to him and from that time on, never left his side. But as Opis grew, he experienced abuse of every kind. He was smaller than his brothers, so he was bullied and forced to do their commands. The only solace Opis had was his little dog, named Chaldees who loved him unconditionally and stayed by him until she died. That bit of unconditional love was rooted in the soul of Opis and the lifeforce that was Chaldees evolved to human status and appeared in Opis’s future. Chaldees’ essence was Opis’s future source of comfort.

       Poor and with no love for their children, Opis’s parents considered them burdens, born from the pleasure of their loins with no desire to care for its fruit. The children were misused and beaten every day. Since there was no one to shield Opis from the hatred in his world that modest, unique light within him died.

       After a brush with death at the hands of his father, Opis fled his family in his thirteenth year. He became a brick maker, and met an orphaned girl named Lil. They met at a place where food could be gotten for those without. She had no one but Opis and clung to him despite his abusive nature. After a few years, they married and had twin sons, Alam and Aloros – the two spirits who waited with Opis in the atmosphere of holding.

       Opis’s character was twisted from the torment and abuse experienced in his upbringing, and having never experienced anything before this incarnation, he imitated what little he knew. He developed a quick temper and a heavy hand. If something displeased him, it was second nature for him to hurt anything near him. During their third year, Opis’s temper had grown mean and cruel. He flew into a fit of rage at Lil for not making his dinner the way he liked it. Lil had a small frame and was frail from malnutrition. Opis shook her with such force that he broke her neck and killed her.

       During this time in Mesopotamia, poor wives were underlings to do with as men liked. Lil had no one to stand up for her therefore, Opis was not held accountable. It happened often to others who were poor and unseen by society – a sting that would guide future lives.

     Ill equipped to raise twin boys by himself, his unprovoked anger swelled more often than not, mirroring the hateful example of his own parents. The boys were shuttled from neighbor woman to neighbor woman to keep them safe until they were old enough to fend for themselves. Then, they became Opis’s worry, and he only knew cruelty and nothing of nurturing love.

       A night of drunkenness was always a night of terror for the twins. To mollify the profound aching pain entrenched in Opis’s soul, they could depend on verbal insults, belittling, and physical abuse. This was all to appease Opis’s torment and rage. Their lives were miserable.

       Alam and Aloris had reached the age of twelve and were done being mistreated by their father. They fashioned tree limbs into clubs to arm themselves. On what would be the last night for them all, the boys heard Opis’s drunken, boisterous voice as he came closer to home. He staggered into the mud brick hut. Alam and Aloris came out of the shadows and struck him as hard as they could with the clubs. Their aggression only served to intensify Opis’s fury. Triggered by the assault, he grew into an uncontrollable brute whose strength tripled. The boys thought they had experienced all of their father’s anger, but Opis gathered his past pain and rolled it into a giant ball of rage. He became the monster that he was groomed to be and beat the boys with their own clubs.

       Alam was the first to succumb with a crippling blow to the head. Aloris hung from his father’s neck and tried to decrease his power, but Opis’s wrath could not be contained, and he turned it on Aloris. Opis flung him to the floor and beat him without mercy until Aloris’s life was done.

       Neighbors overheard the boys’ screams and the violent acts of the bullish man they had grown to hate. They charged into the hut, contained his violent rage, and dragged Opis to the Tigris river where they bound him and drowned him. It was not in accordance with the Code of Hammurabi, but the neighbors, who watched the daily abuse of the twins, deemed it a necessary death as it was a sentence appropriate for the murder of a man’s own sons.

       Three black mists were sucked back to Naraka, where Narakasura was waiting. The Mahāyāna, or ability to grow through wicked behavior in past lifetimes, was presented to all three spirits. They were given names from the tribe to which they were to become a part. Opis was named Tau and cast as a female spirit from then on. He had taken the life of a woman and to become a part of Narakasura’s Yin which was feminine in nature he had to live through similar cruelty. In lifetimes ruled by Naraka, Tau would experience the dismissive and disrespectful attitude Opis showed his wife and children. Tau’s ultimate challenge was to grow despite the groanings of foul beliefs about women. She had to become a strong and loving female entity.

       Alam and Aloris were given the names of Eta and Mu and cast as male spirits to perfect the male aura to be nobler and more than just brawn and control. They were to use that strength to better the world and soften it to experience love in many forms. In the end their challenges were to grow to fruition during the earth’s great adaptation to agape. They were to preach the importance of love’s broad uses.

       Raziel looked on, hating every moment of the Mahāyāna. He never was one to cozy up to ceremonies conducted in Naraka, because more often than not, the black mists chose to stay under Narakasura’s dominion. Completely dedicated to wickedness, these black spirits were all about the ruination of the Creator’s plan while the shimmering light energies worked toward final triumph. He did have compassion for those who learned the required lessons and advanced from black mist to be born again of stardust. Being too close to Naraka and Narakasura unsettled Raziel. His mission was to keep everything running in a timely fashion, and Narakasura did everything to prevent that from happening. They were indeed obstructions to each other’s purpose.

       “Tau, come here!” The raspy voice of Narakasura summoned the frightened wisp of black. Not yet permitted a voice, the fragment of haze floated toward him. “You will become female in this next incarnation. There is a trial waiting for you. It requires a decision that will spin your future lives, and your allegiance. Do you understand?”

The veil of black encircled Narakasura, lending an affirmative response to his question. He waved the filmy cloud to the side.

       “Eta, you are next.” Eta floated over to the king of Naraka. “You are to take the role of tempter. Again you return as a male, and you are required to find depth in the role of a man. This is more difficult than you think. Many challenges face you and your decisions affect your future lives.” Narakasura pointed to Eta to join Tau.

       “Mu, come here.” Mu’s mist was patchy and frightened. It hesitated until Narakasura beckoned and gathered the essence together and forced it over to him. “You can’t be afraid to enter the world, my friend. These are tests that evolve your character into an exact entity with definition and purpose. Mu, you will again return as a male. In this form you must endeavor to find ways besides brute force to persuade others to do your bidding. As with Tau and Eta, your decisions in this upcoming life determine your future path.”

       The Mahāyāna was complete. Narakasura swept his energy through the shaking wisps, breathed a great breath and Tau, Eta, and Mu were thrust into the holding area.

       Tau was the first to be born to a young Nubian couple. A beautiful child, she was a delight to her parents. They named her Heba, which means a gift from God. During this time of love and acceptance the original flicker of light, lost when Tau inhabited Opis, returned to her spirit. But her exposure to unconditional love was blocked when her village was conquered by the Egyptians and she was taken at age twelve, as a prisoner and enslaved. It was her inner light that drew princess Nefertari, a daughter of Ramses III, to Heba when she was looking for a handmaiden. She became indispensable to her mistress and put Heba in the perfect position to carry out this incarnation’s destiny.

       Exposed to other slaves, some who were deceitful and without morals, and with Heba growing more beautiful every year, she was taught to use her charm and attractiveness to steal from wealthy men. She split the ill gained money and jewelry with her comrades and as she grew, developed a greedy nature that increased when she used her body for profit.

       “Heba, we must speak.” Ketti, a young man who was captured with Heba from their home village, and who held the spirit of Mu, needed her help. Heba did not understand her willingness to always help him, but he touched her soul.

       “What, Ketti?” Heba had grown proud and knew the power of her beauty.

       “Are you interested in making a bounty of money?”

       “Always. What do you have in mind?”

       “There is a plot to kill the Pharoah.”

       “No… no, not this girl… no.”

       “Please, Heba. We need someone to help us manage the plan from inside the Palace.” Ketti was in love with Heba. Her loveliness had always mesmerized him.

       Knowing this, Heba gracefully caressed Ketti’s face with her hands. “What’s in it for me? This is very dangerous.”

       “Partial control of the grain storage. Ramses has lost sight of these resources and has left it up to others to oversee. His wife, Tiye, wants Ramses gone so that her son can assume the throne and has no interest in the grain.”

       “This is an ambitious enterprise. Who are you dealing with? Can they be trusted?” Heba was aware that the finances of Egypt were in disarray and that it was a prime time to take advantage of the situation.

       “Tiye’s handmaiden. She has seen this opportunity and needs help to take benefit from it.”

       Heba laughed with disbelief. “The Warrior King cannot be that stupid. And the plot is too devious for a handmaiden. Everyone knows he wants his son Ramses IV to assume the throne after his death.”

       “Yes, but Pentaweret, Tiye’s son is the rightful heir to the throne. Tiye has many officials on her side to rectify this matter. Many are from the Pharoah’s harem. You could easily blend in as if a part of them.”

       “So, this plot is Tiye’s, not her handmaiden?”

       “Yes, but those of us involved do not let that be known… to protect her.”

       “Why can’t one of the women from the harem do what you are asking?”

       “They are watched by the Pharoah’s guards. You could seduce a guard away long enough for someone from the inside to infiltrate the Pharoah’s chambers.”

       “Which guard manages the harem?” If Heba was going to do this, she needed to start the flirtation and seduction beforehand.

       “A man that goes by Anpu. You know him?”

       “I do know him. He is very handsome. This will be an easy proposition.” Heba smiled to herself realizing her luck. Anpu had been in pursuit of her for a long time.

       So it was decided that Heba would seduce the guard away from his station long enough for a few from the harem to enter the Pharoah’s chambers. Poison was to be slipped into Ramses’ wine.

       In her time as servant to Nefertari, Heba had become friends with the high priestess Sanura, of the temple of the goddess Isis. When she was new to slavery, she went there often to sit and think about her family and how she lost and missed them. Sanura saw her and was curious about this young girl who came to the temple almost every day. They became friends and when Heba felt unsure of something, she would talk it over with Sanura.

       After her discussion with Ketti, Heba needed to gather her thoughts and went to the temple.

       “Heba, how are you today?” Sanura approached her young friend.

       “Sanura, have you ever had second thoughts about an agreement you made?”

       “Yes, quite often.” Sanura laughed.

       “This is serious. I may have just set myself up to be killed.”

       “What is this agreement, Heba?”

        Heba whispered, “You must keep this to yourself. Do you promise?”

       “Yes, yes… I promise. What was the agreement?”

       Heba took Sanura to a corner of the temple. “I might have agreed to help with a plot to kill the Pharoah.”

       “By the power of Isis, Heba, what were you thinking? If you are found out, you will be put to death in a horrible manner. But, more importantly, it is deceitful and wrong. Your suffering in the afterlife will be worse than death. You must find a way to correct your intentions. You must abandon this plan and find favor again with the gods by doing something good.” Sanura was horrified.

       “What can I do?” Heba froze in terror for what she had done.

       “Go and pray to Isis to send you a way to counter your wickedness.”

       Sanura had never talked to Heba that way before. She recognized the terrible decision she had made and decided not to show for the meeting with Ketti and Anpu.

       Leaving the temple, Heba trembled and was upset by what Sanura had told her about the afterlife. That afternoon, it was customary for those seeking forgiveness to give food and comfort to the Israelite slaves. Perhaps by doing something good and charitable, she might be forgiven her wicked thoughts.

       Loaded with food and coin, she wove her way through the starving, exhausted crowds handing them sustenance and hope. She was approached by one of their leaders. “I know you. You are a handmaiden to the Princess, Nefertari. Why are you here among the Pharoah’s slaves?”

       “I don’t have to answer your questions.” Heba was startled because she was recognized.

       “I’m sorry. I did not mean to frighten you. My name is Aaron, brother to Moses. Have you heard of him?”

       “Of course. He has caused the Pharoah many problems. Why are you speaking to me?” Heba was paranoid since her murderous decision.

       “You are seeking absolution for something?” Aaron asked with compassion.

        Heba looked into Aaron’s eyes and saw salvation. “What if I am?”

       “I have been told that the princess Nefertari has a secret path that leads to a road out of Goshen, and that no one but her and her slaves know of its existence. Moses wants to lead God’s children out of Egypt. You could help us leave these pitiful conditions if you just tell me where it is.” Heba looked at Aaron with suspicion. “I’m taking a great risk in asking you this.” Aaron was trepidatious as he glanced over his shoulder.

       “I could have you arrested for even approaching me. How do you know that I won’t summon the royal guard?”

       “My God leads me. He alone directs my actions. I feel no fear of you because He also knows you. This is your destiny.”

       Heba’s heart was touched by Aaron’s faith. She fell to her knees in tears. “Does… does He truly know me?”

       “He does and He loves you, too. He tells me that you will help us because it is written in your life script that you will.”

       “Come. I will give you the directions.”

       With the information given to him by Heba, Aaron told Moses, and the Israelites found their way out of Goshen without interference, and the Pharoah was relieved to be rid of him.

       But even with Heba’s change of heart came a penance for her evil thoughts. Her betrayal was found out as another of Nefertari’s slaves saw her speaking with Aaron and reported it to the Princess. Heba was whipped, tortured, and through it all she was disfigured for her crime against the Pharoah, leaving her with nothing, not even her looks to help her. She lived the rest of her life in forced slavery. When she died, she died in agony at the hands of her Egyptian master.

       Heba’s suffering on earth, and her change of heart cleansed Tau’s spirit, so there was no need for her to suffer in Naraka. It catapulted Tau to Svarga into a more advanced state of being and her soul burst into lightning bolts and shooting atoms that erupted to form a star. From there she had more knowledge of the Creator and the angels. She was granted spirit guides and guardian angels to help her achieve each life’s mission. The torment and misery experienced on earth refined her path. Tau was now on her way to becoming a purified soul. This was her beginning.

       Ketti and Anpu’s betrayal was discovered, too, and they were made to suffer for the rest of their lives as mine slaves. It was hard work in an unforgiving environment. Because of this, Eta and Mu remained in a state of anger and aggression. Their spirits went back to Naraka and stayed under the guidance of Narakasura for many lifetimes. It would take the kindness of a sister spirit to support them, but that would not come for some time.

Chapter One – I Am Angel


       The thoughts and ponderings found within the following pages are those of a fellow traveler with the hope of contemplating spiritual answers faced by us all. It is possible that the part of me as a trained observer may have invoked the premise, do we come back in future lives, but after that this adventure is pure imagination and fiction.

       I Am Angel is a veer from my previous books which are based on social research. The research used for this book were secondary academic articles concerning the inaccuracies of various holy books, sex abuse in churches, Paul the Apostle, and the differential of power in organized religion over the centuries. It also involves the insertion of various simplifications of Buddhism and Hinduism as they pertain to the levels in soul purification necessary throughout incarnations.

       In the book I explore the overall scheme of reincarnation and our existence on this planet. Are we indeed, as some believe, part of some celestial tribe that is reborn with us and travels through time with us as helpers and challengers, using specific innate characteristics? Do we exist to assist with or present these eternal problems for another’s soul or divine plan to reach perfection? How intricate is the tapestry of our reincarnation, and how long must we persist in this pursuit of wisdom?

       The storyline is thought niggling as I relish in poking and prodding my readers into out of the box thinking. And as the characters are joyful, irritating, good and evil just like in life, the book brings about reflective consideration and demonstrates the overall effect we have on each other, no matter how brief our encounters. It is the bigger picture of ourselves threading a needle shared by all. It is us together, in a collectivist nutshell with destiny as the carrot and our lives the proverbial stick.

                                                 E. M. Duesel

I have existed from all eternity, and behold, I am here; and shall exist till the end of time, for my being has no end. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Chapter One

Svarga, the Great Equalizer


Brilliant streaks of light swirl joyfully to welcome the returning souls from their human existence on earth and each individual soul is bathed in the Creator’s love and is greeted by a world ethereal and serene as if they belong there – which they do; they all do. Bright vibrant colors jet around relishing their existence and swoop among countless lifeforces.

       Some return from wretched battles donning torn and fragmented spirits, others from teaching and healing those embattled. They are an element of this exquisite space smelling of fragrant flowers and impregnated with dazzling thoughts swathed in the sensation of peace. Silence has sound in and of itself – restful and easy. Everything is alive and juicy and electric… spitting static – all dancing with purpose. Nothing is good or evil and each resonance, smell, light refraction, and soul is significant and righteous. They are home.

       In this perfect place the universe is laboring to do the Creator’s bidding. This day the angels were on the move. Area seven was preparing for a shakeup of reincarnated souls. Some from this tribe returned to heaven from planet earth not too long ago but they were at the end of their life lessons and wanted to return to their designated planet to get it done. They longed to move to the next level of existence where their own personal gifts, given to them at their dukkha by the Creator, would finally and forever be used to strengthen the universal bond of the cosmos. This height of existence is the universe put right, and these souls, in their perfected lifeforce, would forever live in the presence of the Creator and the angels.

       “Raziel, are you ready to proceed?” Gabriel’s deep voice echoed. He reigned over the strategy appointments, as well as the Creator’s messaging so that returning beings might have their greatest impact on the evolution of each planet and ultimately the universe. If beings only appreciated the importance of each individual incarnation.

       “Yes, brother. I have some concerns about a few of the reincarnates.”

       “Hmm… I think I know, but who and why?”

       “Well, there are three. Two are from level eight of Naraka, and, for heaven’s purpose, they need to be. If they can learn from this impending life, they can move forward toward their souls’ purification. If not, Narakasura will have them, and his strength will increase, and they will be no more. The other is from level five in Svarga.”

       Gabriel sighed and nodded.

       Raziel continued. “They are to be born into the same extended family. Two are siblings, and the other a cousin.”

       “Who are their parents?”

       “Rho and Sigma who are already on earth, are to be parents to Mu and Eta. For balance, Rho is from level five in Svarga, but Sigma is from level four of Naraka. Narakasura, with the approval of the Creator, put them in place to raise the siblings using the given property of greed. Mu and Eta are to be nurtured to please bad influences, but there exposure to their cousin, Tau, may bring them around. These influences are utter and total chaos brought about by their upbringings from the past.”

       “And Tau? Who are to be her parents?”

       “Beta and Delta. They are also on earth already and on their last incarnation, along with several of Tau’s past fellow incarnates. All have suffered in order to be at this point, and two will suffer again in this new incarnation according to the will of the Creator. With the success of this mission, they will all be elevated to spiritual guides.”

       “So, Eta, Mu, and Tau are headed to earth then?” Gabriel asked.

       “Yes. According to the wish of the Creator, we have almost achieved the master goal which will unite the people of earth. Mu and Eta’s contributions will bring it to full fruition, oddly by their relationship with those who implement violence and lust. Tau, who offers light and truth, is meant to generate the glorified conclusion.”

       “So, what is your concern?”

       “This mission is so very important. The endgame must be brilliant. We are here in Svarga, looking down on these earthlings who have manipulated the sacred word of the Creator, transferred to them by Moses and then they ignore the two greatest commandments of Jesus Christ. Sacred instructions on how to live a peaceful and loving existence have been reinterpreted and used by man to control the masses to do what is best suited for their selfishness and greed. Organized religions have become powerful and wealthy beyond measure.”

       “Yes, I understand your displeasure with mankind on earth. But we must have faith that it is ending now through the efforts of Tau and others.”

       “Tau! Ha!. Tau is a child in every sense of the word. Can she do this, Gabriel? Does she have what is needed to turn the tide of mankind’s greatest sin?”

       “I believe you underestimate Tau, Raziel. She has many gifts that the Creator has granted her. Tell me about her new situation.”

       “Tau wants to jettison her way into the presence of the Creator sooner than later. I worry that she is growing impatient and will not stay on course. There is something beyond her desire to finish that pushes her which has eluded me, and you know how I hate secrets, but I suspect it has something to do with the angel Turiel. But this is Tau. Everything about her remains a secret until it is out there. Which is a puzzle to me as I am the archangel who knows the secrets of heaven, but do I know Tau’s secrets? Noo… plus, because she just returned a very short time ago, there is the concern that she may retain some memory from her last incarnation. I know that you have faith, but I have seen Tau stray from plans before.”

       “What are her properties?”

       “Gratitude and purity, with a smattering of joy and tenacity. She was endowed with joy after she finished her fifth incarnation after that disastrous love affair with Turiel. But it truly is silliness more than joy.”

       “Is that a problem?” Gabriel smirked at Raziel’s confusion.

       “Her properties act as a constant balm of love, and it makes her feel so good all of the time that her spirit forgets her overall purpose. In her last life she became infatuated with rock n’ roll and promoted the music of Elvis Presley. She directed it into an entire music revival and peace movement and detoured her designated outcome. I mean to say… she did accomplish what was needed, but not in the way discussed prior to her birth. She caused other beings to stray from their paths and they dropped out and became less than talented musicians. Some of them never found their way back.”

       “Hmm… I see where you might be uneasy, but the Creator has designed their paths to affect other beings, so although it seems incongruous, it all shakes out in the end. Let me remind you of the music written on earth to condemn war during Tau’s last incarnation. It helped to end a most unjust conflict. And although Arlo Guthrie did not become an influential politician as initially planned, the message of his mission was more powerful than what was originally ordained.”

       “If you say it, but the free will that the Creator has given to beings is meddlesome.”

       Gabriel smiled at Raziel’s irritation. “All is well, Raziel. All is well.”

       The archangels were privileged and knew that the way of life for all universal creations had been prearranged using the six levels of learning in Svarga. The Creator utilized each soul to advance the evolution of every planet in the Universe from chaos to peace, each soul from evil to good. It is a massive plan; one that was to last through eternity, and one that touched the growth of every soul. The universal plan was mind-boggling, and the puzzle was not meant to be solved or understood by the Creator’s creatures.

       “Is this group the last of the twenty-four partakers for this incarnation?” Gabriel asked.

       “Yes, brother. This is it. Tau was the last to return from the previous incarnation for this tribe. Beings range from new births coming up now to parents and grandparents already on earth. The grandparents are scheduled to return with each new birth, which will happen whensoever in our time, but over the next three to five years in earth’s time. From heaven, they will help guide their earthly grandchildren to reach the end.”

       Raziel was proud of this one. Its purpose was to shatter the hold an ill-conceived social norm had on a soul’s progression. Somewhere in its development, the human ego replaced enlightened customs with indulgence. The notion that one perception of God is better than another proves nothing and causes conflict, confusion, and violence. Not to mention that the images of the Creator are hedonistic. The Creator is magnificent balms of abounding light energy, not male and not female, but nonbinary in nature. But humans have painted and molded effigies of themselves. Such self-adoration was detestable to Raziel.

       When humans practiced their so-called religions it made the angels’ responsibility to humans on earth very difficult. Raziel thought that organized religion was nothing, but a manmade obstruction created to control their societies. The Creator’s love is misconstrued and misused, and the virtue of unconditional acceptance was lost on those who leaned on ego to drive their power over others.

       But if everything proceeded as the Creator hoped, it would soon be gone. Many souls would advance to the next level of their incarnations. From the perspective of eternity, this tribe’s lifetime would be over in the blink of the Creator’s proverbial eye.

       Meanwhile, the spirit of Tau was anxious to meet with two others with whom she was to interface. She longed for this to be her sixth and last incarnation. But these souls were from the strongest, and most evil level of Naraka and had culminated their hatred for ages. Eta and Mu’s spirits were not availed the advanced characteristics that Tau’s own soul possessed due to her development to goodness. They were unpredictable and less than trustworthy and under the influence of Narakasura the wicked caretaker of Naraka. Worse yet, they had the power to ruin Tau’s attempts to succeed in the Creator’s mission and could consume and destroy Tau as well.

       What she did not remember, was that she owed these souls her compassion and assistance. Her memories of their first lives together had been erased. Unknown to Tau, she had been hateful and ruthless towards them. These memories at the right time were to surface by the Creator’s command, and Tau’s plans had the likelihood of changing on a dime.

       What she did remember were those early times when her soul struggled to advance. Deplorable acts took place while she lived through her wretchedness in Naraka. Her essence shuddered as she recalled nefarious deeds carried out at her hand as the handmaiden of an Egyptian princess.

       Much was owed to the priestess, Sanura, whom she crossed paths with during her very important second incarnation. As a slave to princess Nefertari, she had many advantages and privileges, but Tao was greedy and prepared to take part in a treasonous act against King Ramses III. Sanura, who had befriended Tao, persuaded her to remain faithful to the Pharaoh. Although the Pharaoh was eventually murdered, because of Tao he survived the first murder attempt which kept him alive long enough for her to complete her divine assignment in that lifetime.

       An infinitesimal moment in time launched a series of events which changed the direction of belief systems on earth, and the understanding of love as agape. This beautiful concept was practiced for only a brief period and that, too, had its purpose.

       A minor communication was preordained and fulfilled Tau’s purpose which moved her on. But, because of her betrayal to her princess and the Pharoah, she endured great suffering for the remainder of that lifetime.

       The more glorious outcome was that this small cog in the Creator’s wheel advanced Moses and the ten commandments to his next incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth, where the two greatest commandments elegantly completed the divine purpose of that life. Jesus’s human sacrifice shot his soul’s energy so close to the Creator’s, it blended at times, changing the vibration of human perception. These powerful vibrations linger on the earth, so to many, he became known as the son of God, and is worshipped as such. His great sacrifice shifted Narakasura’s pattern of sin toward goodness for a time, and the Creator loved him for it.

       Her agonizing endurance was noticed by the Creator and Tau moved up from Naraka to Svarga, or heaven, with great speed. It was in part because she obeyed the will of the Creator but also for the life she gave up in order to make it happen.

       But the working and pruning of the spirit is not without pain or sacrifice. Tau’s next life was spent as an abused woman. The incarnation after her advance to Svarga required her to understand a life lived without beauty. In this life she was used as a servant girl passed from man to man by her father. A plain looking girl with thinning hair and bad skin, her life was not her own, but she had a superb mind. It was not clear if the abuse to her body was more agonizing to her spirit than the inability to use her intellect. Her suffering in this lifetime was long and hard. After it was over, she moved up to the next level.

       This is how it is done, and Tau knew that with each life her suffering got her closer to living in the light energy of the Creator. Each lifetime came with lessons; each lesson carved its effect on her spirit and advanced her to the next level.

       But her last incarnation is where her spirit would behold its greatest satisfaction. Bravery burned in her soul. Her sense of justice brought her closer and closer to her divine purpose. The ultimate resolution, of which she was unaware, was to present itself in this next life and she had to succeed.

       Now, as with the Egyptian priestess, Sanura, it was Tau’s turn to direct the tides for Eta and Mu and this was her first full remembered encounter with them after a long hiatus. Her recollection was muddled, but she knew somewhere deep in her soul, where the forgotten sins of the past reside, she had much to do with the downward spiral of their souls. But the fog refused to lift, and Tau had recollections of them from more recent incarnations where they appeared as threatening strangers.

       Although those remembrances sent adverse tremors through her, she took time to settle her spirit and rest into a serene meditative posture while she waited for the meeting with Eta and Mu. Drifting to her safe place, her angels and guides waited with her, and she rested in the arms of one of her guides. She continued to meditate on her future. It all seemed so far away. She wanted something… what was it… but the Creator’s desires took priority.

       Eta and Mu approached. Their energies had not changed, and she recognized them by their smug cruelty and unsettled weaknesses. “Eta… Mu, I sense you have not progressed in your spiritual growth since the last time we met.”

       “Tau, you will forever think you are the good soul… the Creator’s lap dog.” Mu tormented Tau.

       Facing them she grew stern. “You are also servants of the Creator. How can you doubt that?”

       “We have been told by Narakasura that there is another world for us. One where we can continue to serve Naraka.” Eta jumped in.

       “Narakasura is the very expression of wickedness and deception who lost his soul eons ago. He is an empty darkness, void of sensations, sentiment, and affection. There is no redemption for him. His one aspiration is to trick souls on the edge of failure so that he might suck their spirits out of existence and into his own. These brief moments give him life before their divine light dies within him. Did Narakasura tell you that? You will no longer exist. You will die in his darkness if you don’t succeed in this incarnation.”

       Eta’s spirit ruffled. “Narakasura is holding a special place in Naraka for us if we do his bidding. Naraka contains few souls, and we will have power.”

       Tau grew angry. “He is lying to you. Naraka has few souls because Narakasura wants it that way. Wake up! Narakasura will not share his power.”

      “How do you know all of this?” Eta seemed confused.

       “You would know these things too if you had made it out of Naraka. As an advanced soul I am telling you this so you can make an informed choice.” Tau melded her spirit with just a bit of theirs. “Please, trust what I know. I am here. You are there. Your existence will end and all future efforts to perfect it will cease if you do not make better choices.”

       Eta and Mu had one last chance to evolve towards goodness, and it was in this last incarnation. They had wasted the previous six because of their allegiance to Narakasura. Unlike Tau’s progression, they did not learn the lessons necessary to move up into a more advanced existence. They squandered multiple chances to change and even stooped to soul theft, but never succeeded.

       Tau felt a tug at her spirit. The jealous existence of Mu was infiltrating her energy. Tau yanked Mu out. “Never do that again! I will end you before Narakasura has the chance!” She sensed a deep guilt inside her essence as she shot out those words and did not understand why. Tau’s divine light through instinct took control and converged with theirs and for an instant stroked the miserable black mist subjugating their souls. Its love jerked them to attention.

       Mu gasped a breath of goodness while Eta shuddered in its wake. “What must we do, Tau?” Mu wept for he knew Tau’s truth was real.

       “Tell us, Tau. I know that you are right.” Eta’s spirit quivered with new awakening.

       “The Creator wants the end of organized religion on earth. Unworthy and deceptive souls have led others away from real love and faith. Our goal is to expose the manipulation of souls fostered by the existence of organized belief systems. It will be a challenge for you both as you must grow spiritually for a time in an environment that nurtures the very essence of your malevolence.”

       “So there is still hope for us?” Eta’s spirit shuddered with regret.

       “You must implant a firm desire to accept my guidance in this next lifetime. It has been decreed that the three of us have a strong connection this incarnation. Lord knows, it will test both you and me because Narakasura has blackened your souls, and it is up to your own free will to break from the past six lifetimes he has had control on you. Defiance of Narakasura is the only way to end his hold. It won’t be easy.”

       “I fear Narakasura. He is violent and ruthless. There is no end of pain he can inflict on the frail human form; they are vulnerable forms of physicality, and mental fragility. Humans have gone insane due to his afflictions. I have been told he loves to torment and waits patiently for the defiance of his underlings.”

       “All true, Mu. Waiting so long to address your spiritual evolution did not make this incarnation any easier. But it is possible for you to shatter ties with Narakasura and realign with the Creator.” She did not understand why, but Tau’s compassionate nature oozed responsibility for the two miserable spirits. The task ahead was daunting. “We must imbed a phrase within your core memory that will recoil your souls away from evil and push you onto your preordained path. This is the only help heaven has to offer you two. I suggest you do it.”

       Eta laughed nervously. “You meant that? Conduct an implant? To do that we must be lightning struck before our births. Legend tells it as a vile process where an evil act repeated over and over from our past lives is replaced with a sort of trigger… like an embedded phrase or word.”

       “Tau, can you do this?” Mu’s essence moved about anxiously, unquieted by the notion.

       “Raziel!” Tau called out to the powerful archangel. Eta and Mu recoiled when hearing the archangel’s name. He was a force, and they were small in his presence.

       “I’m here, Tau. Greetings to you Eta and Mu. Are you agreeable to the terms Tau has outlined for you?”

       Eta looked at Mu, and they nodded in hesitant agreement. “What must we do?” Eta asked.

       “Hold still and review!” Raziel coiled his energy and wasting no time, corralled all his angelic power and commanded, “Bring forth the insidious acts of the past. Let them be known to all the Universe!” Lightning zapped Eta and Mu.

       The two lost souls were riveted in place by the powerful angel, compelled to view their past behaviors. Lain bare before them were the heinous deeds against fellow beings committed by them and which bound them to Naraka. The corruption was agonizing to watch. Acts of brutalization and premeditation were born of two psyches warped into existence through pain, lust, and self-interest.

       In accordance with the ritual of the implant, a word must be spoken and declared at the exact moment of the final lightning strike. This word, spoken at the right time in their next incarnation, was designed to joggle the recall of the souls in question and redirect their course. Raziel had chosen it, and Tau was to speak it out loud at the most workable moment in this next life. He waited with patience while heaven churned and forgave the most brutal acts playing out before them. Energy whipped through its celestial atmosphere. The winds blew and wickedness growled. Mu and Eta screamed with remorse and reaching its inevitable apogee, a giant bolt of light struck the centers of two terrified souls. Raziel roared “Antistrofi opsi!”

       The winds died down, and the heavens calmed. Eta and Mu vanished to a holding area where they would wait for their rebirth. Tau looked at Raziel and said, “Antistrofi opsi? Really? You couldn’t have come up with an easier word or phrase like ‘wiener schnitzel’ or ‘who let the dogs out’?”

       Raziel scoffed. “Antistrofi opsi is noble. It is Greek for reversal. Honestly, child, who cares what the word is. It was an implant.”

       “I care! I… care! I’m the one who has to incorporate the word into a sentence to provoke the change of heart. Now, I have to figure out how to use the phrase ‘antistrofi opsi’ in conversation.”

       “It can be done. Stop fussing.”

       “You do remember that this has been made more complicated because as a new human being, I will not recall this little ceremony where the phrase was implanted. You have made an already unlikely feat, impossible!” Tau chastised Raziel as he drifted back to his place in Area Seven unmoved.

       Tau was irritated. Her drive to get to the final level of her incarnations not only meant final peace for her eternal existence, but the unification with her lost angel love who had been living without her since her fifth incarnation. Turiel was, at a point, one with her during prayer and meditation, but since her last misstep on the moon, he was denied access to her spiritual communications. They could not conjoin their consciousness until her elevation in status. Turiel was there and she was here. On top of that, she had developed a deep and enduring love for another in her last incarnation. It took her by surprise and instead of losing the memory of it, that profound love stayed with her adding to the confusion. It seemed this next incarnation was fraught with caveats to overcome… and Narakasura would not surrender Eta and Mu without a fight. Now, added to all of this there was “antistrofi opsi” to worry about. It was futile.