Life In and Life Out

FOOD FOR THOUGHT! How many times have you “recognized” a person as soon as you laid eyes on them? They might be a part of your spiritual tribe. A tribe assists you in your spiritual development and members present good or bad experiences in this lifetime… hmm.

Teens Need Love, Not Hurt

Teenagers are still children. Their hearts and minds are developing and need the love of adults. Homeless teens are discards and become prey to every wicked, immoral, and greedy person out in the world looking to destroy them. If the teens seem hard, it’s because their life has been hard and adults have used them instead of loved them. It’s on us. ~ E. M. Duesel

What Do We Really Know?

Here’s a thought. How is it that there have been countless children who claim they have been reincarnated from a previous life? They can recall details about their past lives that no child would know or even understand in some cases. This may muddy the waters of an argument for reincarnation, but there is a young boy who claims that his last incarnation he was a being from the planet Mars. His intellect is superior and understands complicated mathematical and scientific data. Just a thought, folks, just a thought.

~ E. M. Duesel