Jeff Expands His Skillset

When homelessness happens, it’s as if you are no longer the same person. Everything changes and the only thing that matters is survival. You do whatever it takes, and hope that someday things will be normal again, and either grow from the experience or die. ~ E. M. Duesel

Who Was Paul, Again?

Ponder spiritual questions with I AM ANGEL by E. M. Duesel. Do we reincarnate? Who really knows, but just for fun travel through the ages with a soul named Tau. It’s thought-provoking and introspective as well as filled with adventure!


Frankie Cedric is the cool teacher. She turns the Ouray Community School System upside-down with her outdoor classroom and the ragtag behavioral problems that go with it. But her teens are not the problem. A madman is stalking her and her students, and all they have is their exceptional abilities and a raccoon to outsmart him. In truth, his inner child suffers… and his personal pain becomes everyone’s peril.