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Hello, and thank you for visiting Reading Getaway.  The original purpose of this site and the accompanying books was to introduce the exciting adventures written by E. M. Duesel about real life social issues. She has two loves – writing and social research. She combines them and the result are thrilling novels with colorful and adventuresome characters. Their plots have covered everything from people with a sixth sense helping God in the End Times, to problems on the Southern Border, and homelessness, students suffering from social behavioral disorders just trying to get by, and her latest book is an imaginative take on reincarnation. Her books are fun and fast reading; a real buzz for readers with little time.

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The newest book, I Am Angel by E. M. Duesel explores reincarnation and all of the perplexities and situations it entails. It is thought provoking and, in some instances, informative as the adventure focuses on the power differentials of organized religion.

As with E. M. Duesel’s other books, the first three chapters of I Am Angel can be found in the archives on this website (October, 2021).  You can purchase I Am Angel as a paperback ($16.95) on this website on the Products Page, Amazon.com, and Amazon purchase sites all over the world.

Tau’s life and its purpose was so much more than even she imagined. From her soul’s inception, and through each incarnation, she traveled the path preordained for her to follow. But no one expected that an angel would fall in love with her embellishing her with perfect love. That love was necessary for the Creator, but it challenged Tau’s humanity. Meant to assist in the ultimate goal, the destruction of organized religion on earth, the gifts bestowed on Tau set her apart from others and augmented special talents that enhanced her personality. Each lifetime contributed to the endgame, each member of her tribe had their own purpose, and each soul answered to the Creator. The responsibility was heavy and her loves were designed to be rooted with deep passion and desire. Tau’s lives, one after another became more and more complicated. Through the centuries, all her soul’s hopes and dreams differed from the Creator’s. To be a faithful servant, was there room for her pwn happiness?

The first three chapters of the revised edition of the book, Deathlinks can be found in the archives on this website (July, August 2017).  You can purchase Deathlinks as a paperback ($16.95) on this webpage, Amazon.com, and Amazon purchase sites all over the world, or as an eBook on Barnes and Noble ($5.99) and on this website ($5.99). The eBooks are formatted to accommodate all tablets.

Her life is not hers, and her gift is from God, but Emily Walker wields the ability to see into the otherworld as a weapon against evil.  The End Times are coming and it is a race to the finish line, with Lucifer as her iniquitous foe.  Souls are at stake, and lives that had lived through many lifetimes together, are now gathered for the Apocalypse.  The battles grow fierce and the conflicts are bloody, but the earth’s deathlinks, warriors, and mediums are up to the challenge to save the world from total damnation.  Their mantra in salvation resounds loud and strong – purity is power.

“Riveting! This book has a unique perspective on life and death and our responsibility to the creator. The characters, both alive and deceased, work together to come to a perfect end. A must read. I cannot wait for her next book!”   ~ Amazon 5 Star Review

“I have always enjoyed a good EOTW thriller, one wrought with real-life apocalyptic horrors that can actually happen, to anyone at any time, and Duesel has conjured up a true winner. She has a realistic narrative voice that is powerful and gentle at the same time, and I enjoyed her writing style.”  ~ Manuscript Analyst, Outskirts Press

As with Deathlinks, the first three chapters of Illegal have also been posted to readinggetaway.com (June 2018 archives).  Enjoy the thrill! Illegal can be purchased on this webpage, Amazon.com ($16.95), barnesandnoble.com ($16.95), and from the Savant Book Store ($16.95). Illegal is also available as an eBook on Amazon.com ($7.95)! Check out the following link:


Kidnapped by a hate group called The Alliance, 12 year old Rush Pena witnesses the murder of three other immigrant child victims before escaping with his life.  His testimony brings the murderers to justice through the courts, but not without making Rush and his family the focus and eventual target of every hate group in America for the next six years.

When the killings hit home, the whole Pena family and some exceptionally skilled friends are dragged into stopping the cartels and hate groups before more lives are destroyed.  During the investigation they discover that the Alliance and a black hate group are working together to kidnap girls and sell them to the Mexican cartels.  Kidnapping, murder and rescues abound and as Rush must leave for his freshman year at Harvard, he discovers that hatred is not just limited to the Border States. 

“What an awesome eye-opening fictional story based on facts!! The writing engaged my compassion and intelligence such that I learned so much about the plight of Mexican-American legal and illegal immigrants and their descendants and how vast hate-groups infiltrate all levels of American society. I have been working with many amongst these vulnerable groups yet still learned much. I cannot wait to read further works by E. M. Duesel.”  ~ Amazon.com 5 Star Review

“Such an interesting read! This book keeps you turning pages through a thrilling and suspenseful adventure. Duesel is truly a great storyteller: with descriptive and honest writing, she’s able to create an incredibly engaging and informative narrative through diverse and well developed characters (the clever protagonist Rush was likable from the start). While encapsulating these characters, Duesel provides a better understanding of the cultural hatred and negative social conditions of Latino-Americans and Latino immigrants.  Illegal is filled with unexpected turns, making you eager to find out what happens next. This powerful exploration results in a captivating book that encourages progressive discussion. Thoroughly recommended!” ~ Google Books 5 Star Review

E. M. Duesel’s novel Homeless is available for purchase on this webpage, Amazon.com ($16.95), and Amazon purchase sites all over the world. The eBook of Homeless can be purchased on Barnes & Noble ($5.99), and on this website, readinggetaway.com. ($5.99). The eBook has been formatted to accommodate all tablets. Just like her other books, the first three chapters of Homeless can be found on Reading Getaway (August 2018 archives).  Fasten your seat belts for another exciting adventure.

He has lost everything. Life’s turbulent path had already taken Jeff Townsend’s wife by cancer, but now the company he worked for was filing bankruptcy and closing its doors. Jeff’s wife’s medical bills depleted him financially and losing his job left him homeless. As a last resort, he moves to Michigan to live with his brother. As he settles in, he is driven to understand this deplorable social condition and becomes friends with a band of homeless people, a passionate priest and beautiful rabbi. Together they tackle the problems, but personally rub up against its dangerous sting. Jeff is propelled into an adventure of precarious existence led by life’s brutal interruptions. What he realizes is that homelessness is more than a battle for survival. It is a fight to maintain dignity in a world where hope is sometimes tied to money and influence, and people who judge rather than understand.

“Duesel has created a new genre with her books. Homeless describes the plight of people victimized for no other reason than a quirk of fate. The book is strong, without being preachy. It’s an engaging and thoughtful work. I highly recommend this book, and I can’t wait for the next.” ~ Amazon.com 5 Star Review

Though I can say I’ve lived a fairly sheltered life, I’ve always been aware of the homeless population in our country, but despite my awareness, the emotions this story pulled from me were unlike any I’ve ever experienced while reading. At 259 pages, I would generally finish a novel of this length in one sitting, easily. Homeless was different though- I had to slowly digest one chapter at a time in order to mentally comprehend the situations that the characters were in. It’s hard to say I enjoyed reading such a difficult story, but I did. I’m thoroughly impressed with the author’s ability to pull such a deep emotion from me in such a short time. Not only does Homeless serve as a heartwarming tale, but it also pulls compassionate feelings that provoke the desire to do something, anything, to help. I’ve juggled the words for this review longer than usual, and despite how much I ramble on, I still feel like I’m not giving enough justice to even scratch the surface of what’s contained within the pages. It’s an honor to have had the opportunity to review Homeless, and I’m pleased to rate the story 4 out of 4 stars.” ~ klbradleyreviews.wordpress.com

Wildflowers is E. M. Duesel’s latest novel and can be purchased on this webpage, at Amazon.com as a paperback ($16.95) and Amazon sites all over the world. The eBook of Wildflowers is available at Barnes and Noble’s Nook, and also on this webpage ($5.99). As all of E. M. Duesel’s eBooks, they have been formatted to fit all tablets. The first three chapters of Wildflowers can be found on Reading Getaway (July 2020 archives). Let yourself go and sink into the lives of teens who only want to be seen as normal, when in fact, they have their own exceptional abilities.

Frankie Cedric is the cool teacher. She turns the Ouray Community School System upside-down with her outdoor classroom and the ragtag behavioral problems that go with it. But her teens are not the problem. A madman is stalking her and her students, and all they have is their exceptional abilities and a raccoon to outsmart him. In truth, his inner child suffers… and his personal pain becomes everyone’s peril.

I was engaged from cover to cover. I loved her use of knowledge on the subject and how her research was applied to the narrative.Onlinebookclub.com