The Tables Turn

Love is all and it is the future of life in the Universe. The Walker tribe comes into their own. Join the adventure late this month in Deathlinks and Fury in the Darkness by E. M. Duesel. Get caught up with the first book of the series, Deathlinks and the Marking of Emily found on or on

Our School is Our Pain

Kindness is love, and love’s energy heals all. When one human bestows kindness on another there is a chain reaction that has the power to change hearts and minds. Conversely, causing strife and pain in others stalls human spiritual evolution. ~ E. M. Duesel

Look for Deathlinks and Fury in the Darkness in November of 2023

Love of God Is Love For Every Living Thing

The energy surrounding a person is created by that person through positive actions like care, love, and sincere nurturing for others, or it is obstructive, due to negative thoughts and feelings such as fear, hate, jealousy, and pain harbored by past experiences. Jesus exemplified and taught pure love and hoped that humanity might follow those teachings. There is no judgment, hate, or feeling of superiority over others. It is simply the positive energy of acceptance and love. In this world, no matter what our cultural or political situations dictate, love remains the tool of the divine, and when we act without its presence, we violate godly commands exemplified by the life of Jesus Christ. ~ E. M. Duesel

The Birth of Caleb

Kindness is everything. Love for another purely because they are a kindred species is enough to ignite the atmosphere with positive vibrations that grow from one, to the next, to the next until affection for each other is commonplace, and hate is forced into extinction.

~ Deathlinks and Fury in the Darkness by E. M. Duesel
Coming fall 2023

Evil is Evil

Image by HANSUAN FABREGAS from Pixabay

The human soul’s energy is powerful. It is born from the essence of righteousness, and is sent to perfect its spirit despite the pitfalls of life. The Source is all love, even for the most evil, and when evil encounters the spirit of all-encompassing charity and compassion, it has no other choice but to dissolve in its presence. Jaakobah knew nothing of love, so had no defense against its power. Humans choose ignorance over faith, and stumble from lifetime to lifetime embraced in the love of the Creator.

~ E. M. Duesel