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Frankie Cedric is the cool teacher. She turns the Ouray Community School System upside-down with her outdoor classroom and the ragtag behavioral problems that go with it. But her teens are not the problem. A madman is stalking her and her students, and all they have is their exceptional abilities and a raccoon to outsmart him. In truth, his inner child suffers… and his personal pain becomes everyone’s peril.


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Hello, and thank you for visiting Reading Getaway.  The original purpose of this site and the accompanying books was to introduce the exciting adventures written by E. M. Duesel about real life social issues. She has two loves – writing and social research. She combines them and the result is thrilling novels with colorful and adventuresome characters. Their plots have covered everything from people with a sixth sense helping God in the End Times, to problems on the Southern Border, and homelessness. Her latest book highlights students suffering from social behavioral disorders just trying to get by. Her books are fun and fast reading; a real buzz for readers with little time.

As Reading Getaway has evolved, its purpose has taken a slight turn. It still wants to take you away from all of the noises in your head and introduce you not only to the work of E. M. Duesel, but that of other authors, too. Click to follow Reading Getaway so you don’t miss all the fun!

Deathlinks cover

The first three chapters of the revised edition of the book, Deathlinks can be found in the archives on this website.  You can purchase Deathlinks as a paperback ($16.95) on Amazon.com, or as an eBook on Barnes and Noble ($5.99) or on this website ($4.99).

Her life is not hers, and her gift is from God, but Emily Walker wields the ability to see into the otherworld as a weapon against evil.  The End Times are coming and it is a race to the finish line, with Lucifer as her iniquitous foe.  Souls are at stake, and lives that had lived through many lifetimes together, are now gathered for the Apocalypse.  The battles grow fierce and the conflicts are bloody, but the earth’s deathlinks, warriors, and mediums are up to the challenge to save the world from total damnation.  Their mantra in salvation resounds loud and strong – purity is power.

“Riveting! This book has a unique perspective on life and death and our responsibility to the creator. The characters, both alive and deceased, work together to come to a perfect end. A must read. I cannot wait for her next book!”   ~ Amazon 5 Star Review

“I have always enjoyed a good EOTW thriller, one wrought with real-life apocalyptic horrors that can actually happen, to anyone at any time, and Duesel has conjured up a true winner. She has a realistic narrative voice that is powerful and gentle at the same time, and I enjoyed her writing style.”  ~ Manuscript Analyst, Outskirts Press


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ILLEGAL Book Cover

As with Deathlinks, the first three chapters of Illegal have also been posted to readinggetaway.com.  Enjoy the thrill! Illegal can be purchased from Amazon.com ($16.95), barnesandnoble.com ($16.95), and from the Savant Book Store ($16.95). Illegal is also available as an eBook on Amazon.com ($7.95)! Check out the following link:


Kidnapped by a hate group called The Alliance, 12 year old Rush Pena witnesses the murder of three other immigrant child victims before escaping with his life.  His testimony brings the murderers to justice through the courts, but not without making Rush and his family the focus and eventual target of every hate group in America for the next six years.

When the killings hit home, the whole Pena family and some exceptionally skilled friends are dragged into stopping the cartels and hate groups before more lives are destroyed.  During the investigation they discover that the Alliance and a black hate group are working together to kidnap girls and sell them to the Mexican cartels.  Kidnapping, murder and rescues abound and as Rush must leave for his freshman year at Harvard, he discovers that hatred is not just limited to the Border States. 

“What an awesome eye-opening fictional story based on facts!! The writing engaged my compassion and intelligence such that I learned so much about the plight of Mexican-American legal and illegal immigrants and their descendants and how vast hate-groups infiltrate all levels of American society. I have been working with many amongst these vulnerable groups yet still learned much. I cannot wait to read further works by E. M. Duesel.”  ~ Amazon.com 5 Star Review

“Such an interesting read! This book keeps you turning pages through a thrilling and suspenseful adventure. Duesel is truly a great storyteller: with descriptive and honest writing, she’s able to create an incredibly engaging and informative narrative through diverse and well developed characters (the clever protagonist Rush was likable from the start). While encapsulating these characters, Duesel provides a better understanding of the cultural hatred and negative social conditions of Latino-Americans and Latino immigrants.  Illegal is filled with unexpected turns, making you eager to find out what happens next. This powerful exploration results in a captivating book that encourages progressive discussion. Thoroughly recommended!” ~ Google Books 5 Star Review


E. M. Duesel’s novel Homeless is available for purchase on Amazon.com, and Amazon purchase sites all over the world. Just like her other books, the first three chapters of Homeless can be found on Reading Getaway.  Fasten your seat belts for another exciting adventure.

He has lost everything. Life’s turbulent path had already taken Jeff Townsend’s wife by cancer, but now the company he worked for was filing bankruptcy and closing its doors. Jeff’s wife’s medical bills depleted him financially and losing his job left him homeless. As a last resort, he moves to Michigan to live with his brother. As he settles in, he is driven to understand this deplorable social condition and becomes friends with a band of homeless people, a passionate priest and beautiful rabbi. Together they tackle the problems, but personally rub up against its dangerous sting. Jeff is propelled into an adventure of precarious existence led by life’s brutal interruptions. What he realizes is that homelessness is more than a battle for survival. It is a fight to maintain dignity in a world where hope is sometimes tied to money and influence, and people who judge rather than understand.

“Duesel has created a new genre with her books. Homeless describes the plight of people victimized for no other reason than a quirk of fate. The book is strong, without being preachy. It’s an engaging and thoughtful work. I highly recommend this book, and I can’t wait for the next.” ~ Amazon.com 5 Star Review

Please feel free to read all of the chapters, posts, and short stories at your leisure.  The author loves to write for people who love to read.  Enjoy!

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Reading Getaway’s April Author Spotlight – James Lingard by E. M. Duesel

THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED a fact based historical novel Britain in the 1930s; a novel inspired by real events; eloping; WW2. Emily falls passionately in love with working class Walter, despite fierce opposition from her class conscious father. She sees marriage as a partnership of equals and resolves to elope to escape such a male dominated society. Emily’s actions will see her struggle to survive the subsequent devastation brought about by the war, as she and her four year old son are thrown into the midst of danger and death. The family experience rationing and the terror of bombing. Their air raid shelter is destroyed by a direct hit. When Walter volunteers for the army, Emily and her son are evacuated to a rat infested cottage in a farming community near Hebden Bridge. The war changes Walter into an efficient army officer who demands to be obeyed. Emily worries that she might have a rival for his affections. How can she restore their loving relationship?

James Lingard comes from the serious inner workings of deep cerebral thought. He grew up in Hebden Bridge/Keighley Yorkshire in England, and his most formative years were spent at Dulwich College, a boarding school. It should not surprise you to learn his factual nature led him to practice Insolvency and Banking Law where during the course of the interview, he perked up at the very notion of addressing the state of a business. Is the business salvageable and are the employees still working?

He began writing at twenty when he published his first magazine article. It was a thrill seeing his writing in print and from that point he developed a love for it. He spent a long legal career writing legal briefs and books, among which is Lingard’s Bank Security Documents (LexisNexis Butterworths). When he retired, he decided to try something a bit different. Novels were a challenge and his first didn’t fair well commercially, but it led him to write the book THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED which is 90% fact based.

James loves history from the 19th century, but most of all he loves retirement. THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED can be purchased on Amazon.com.

If you are an author and would like an interview and perhaps an article published about your story on Reading Getaway, please contact E. M. Duesel at dueselem@gmail.com.

Reading Getaway’s February Author Spotlight – Rick Reed by E. M. Duesel

In rural Indiana, the underground mines that once held coal and iron ore have become killing grounds. In two counties, five corpses have been discovered. Their deaths appear accidental, from drowning or suffocating in flooded and abandoned mines. But local authorities, including Chief Shaunda Lynch, have uncovered evidence suggesting they’ve all been murdered.
Assigned to the case as Federal Agents, Detectives Jack Murphy and Liddell Blanchard take charge of the investigation. Shaunda’s proven herself more than capable of policing her jurisdiction and resents the intrusion of male authority figures. As Jack digs deep into the case, he discovers the victims have checkered pasts. But no matter who believes the killings are justified, someone still has to pay for the crime . . .

Rick Reed has always been a reader, and loves Nelson DeMille, John Sanford, John Grisham and, of course, Stephen King. By this admission alone I detected a writer with an understanding of mystery and intrigue, but also an appreciation of detail and a sense of the importance to gauge a human emotional response from his readers. He says that he lets his characters write the story. Rick describes his approach, “If a scene makes me start to tear up, I know it will make my readers almost cry. If it makes me angry, I know it will convey the same.”

His writing career started out as an I wonder kind of journey. Still working as a policeman, he sat down and began to write a novel. There was no intention of getting it published; he just wanted to see if he could write one. By the end of three months he had written three hundred pages. In his estimation they were all bad, but he had tasted the thrill of writing and had completed his first book. This led to his very first published novel which he co-wrote with Steven Walker. Blood Trail is a true crime book about a serial killer that Rick had apprehended as a police officer. It was picked up and published by Kensington Books and they offered him a contract to continue to write true crimes. However, he had worked closely with not only the victims’ families, but the families of the suspects as well and did not want to drag up their personal pain in his novels. Kensington later signed him for his crime novels.

Although Rick has two master’s degrees, one in Public Administration and the other in Criminal Justice, his real policing background has given him experience which in turn shows through in his novels. Although his police career provides endless background, the most horrifying experience in his life has influenced the depth of his writing. In 2011, he was in an accident that left him with broken bones but also a concussion with a brain injury. In addition, the accident left him with a form of PTSD, where he relived the accident whenever he closed his eyes, or even if he witnessed someone falling or getting hurt. He feared his life as a mystery writer might be over.

Bike riding each morning to a coffee shop, he forced himself to type and to write. It was painful and tedious, but even though the writing didn’t meet his standards, he gradually returned to normal. The true turning point came when he wrote his brain injury into a character in a novel. This led to his third book. Nine years later he has completed nine fiction novels.

Writing comes from an author’s essence. It may seem to some that it is having a proper grasp of sentence structure and grammar, but it must come from the soul of life experience. Many have said that an artist must suffer before they can truly express something great. If this is so, Rick Reed is the example. He didn’t give up, and he continues to believe in his characters.

Rick offers the following words to those thinking about writing. “Just a word of advice to beginning and first-time authors. Write what you like. If you like it someone else will. Don’t worry about reviews. Readers can be wrong or just nasty. Don’t let anyone tell you how to write. You have to do this for yourself. Your style. Your words. Your voice.” He also went on to advise about spousal interference, but I will happily leave that in your capable hands.

If you are interested in all of Rick Reed’s books, you may visit his website at www.rickreedbooks.com.

Happy reading everyone, and thanks for joining us at Reading Getaway.

Reading Getaway’s Author Spotlight for January – D. J Swykert’s The Poolboy’s Beatitude, by E. M. Duesel

Jack Joseph understands physics. He understands the nature of quarks, leptons, dark matter and the desire to find the God particle. What Jack doesn’t understand is Jack. He has a Masters degree in particle physics, an ex-wife, a sugar mama into spanking, a passion for cooking and chronic dependencies he needs to feed. He cleans pools to maintain this chaotic lifestyle. Spinning about in a Large Hadron Collider of his own making, facing a jail term, the particle known as Jack is about to collide with a particle known as Sarah.

The Pool Boy’s Beatitude convincingly portrays a life of romance, addiction and entropy filled with drink, drugs and sex, broken with the miseries of ruined relationships and balanced on a needle of false hope. Somehow through it all the story is hopeful, positive, humorous and oddly enticing. The question is not so much will Jack survive as how will he survive, because surely, behind all this science, there has to be a truth worth living for. A thinking reader’s romance novel, the Pool Boy’s Beatitude creates a character you long to hate and makes you love him.

In preparation for a spotlight, I start by asking an author to tell me something about themselves and how they drifted into writing. D. J. Swykert, from the very first contact, was upbeat and fun and I had a sense that his novels would follow suit. But even more enjoyable was learning about his path to becoming a published novelist. He started as a young man working in law enforcement as a 911 operator. He seemed to have no trouble using those oh so necessary powers of observation and found it easy to fit into an author’s lifestyle. By that I mean that he has allowed himself the room to explore life with all its trappings and foibles and uses those experiences to mold his stories and characters.

D. J. began with writing poetry to impress a young woman. This in itself reveals a delicious romantic side and a whimsey for life that most people covet. His observations have produced both adventure and mystery novels which is no surprise for a person who raised two wolf cubs while living on the Keweenaw Peninsula and now resides with a feral cat named Mister. He believes in directness in his writing, a trait he adapted from his favorite author, Ernest Hemingway, but because of his demeanor I note a detour towards pure joy and surrender to life’s most ironic intervals.

Although his prior work leaned towards adventure and mystery, The Pool Boy’s Beatitude appears to be a deep examination of life, addiction, and a general introspection of how mere existence can become so very complicated.

D. J. Swykert’s novels include Children of the Enemy, Maggie Elizabeth Harrington, Alpha Wolves, For the Love of Wolves, Sweat Street, The Death of Anyone, Three-fingered Jack Davis and The Pool Boy’s Beatitude.  For more information on where to purchase his novels visit his website: http://www.magicmasterminds.com/djswykert/.

Reading Getaway’s December Author Spotlight – Victor Swatsek by E. M. Duesel


Victor Swatsek immigrated to the United States from Australia when he was seven years old. As a child he was attracted to mechanical drafting which morphed into a love for technical illustration. Just as Victor’s career was taking off, it was interrupted to perform his duty as a soldier in the United States Army. As most authors draw from their life experiences, Victor retained unique information from his experiences in the service and has incorporated them into stories for his books.

After the army, he went back to work as a technical illustrator and then a consultant for different aerospace companies. During his time as a technical illustrator he picked up a knack for writing. When he left his career of thirty-three years, he decided to use his gift of imagination and try his hand at writing action thrillers. Every author has a book they used as a chew toy, and Victor says that he wasn’t happy with his first two novels and chose to rewrite them. Writing is all about practice as well as reading authors who inspire you. His favorite authors are John McDonald, John Grissom, and Robert Ludlum.

Victor is a prolific writer and plans to write twenty-five books in his series. The result is a string of sixteen books, with the sixteenth book, The Paris Vendetta, coming out in early 2020. They all contain specific characters that reappear depending upon the story line. He uses the skills learned as an illustrator to map out an organizational chart to track the ages and businesses of each one. As an author his strength lies with his ability to organize his plots. If you are interested in a single, Victor does have one novel that has no ties to the series entitled The Last Crusader. You can find all of Victor Swatsek’s books on Amazon.com and you may visit his site at NovelsByVic.com.

Until next time, happy reading and Happy Holidays from Reading Getaway.

Reading Getaway’s November Author Spotlight – Sharon Hart-Green by E. M. Duesel

COME BACK FOR ME tells the story of two young Jewish characters. One is a Hungarian Holocaust survivor Artur Mandelkorn who’s on a desperate quest to find his beloved sister, Manya, after they become separated during the war. Artur’s journey takes him to Israel where he falls in love with Fanny, a young woman who still bears the scars of her own tragic past. Intersecting Artur’s tale is that of Suzy Kohn, a Toronto teenager whose seemingly tranquil life is shattered by her uncle’s sudden death. As she struggles with her aunt’s growing depression and her parents’ collective secrecy, Suzy gropes for answers to her unanswered questions. As Suzy’s coming of age story reaches a climax, Artur’s quest for his sister leads to a shocking discovery.  Their stories come together in Israel following the Six-Day War, when the reader travels through time and place to arrive, ultimately, to the connections between generations.

       Encouraged by an English teacher at a young age, Sharon Hart-Green never forgot her love of writing. As she pursued her doctorate degree in Hebrew Literature, she published two academic texts, but her natural instincts for creative writing persisted and she missed the freedom “to write in a way that was more intuitive–to seek words and images that were drawn from the deepest regions of my unconscious mind.” While keeping a close eye on the historical facts, she joined the ranks of fiction writers who understand and tirelessly pour out their hearts writing stories depicting the souls of their characters.

       In Come Back for Me, Sharon connects between two narratives, a challenge which required hours of rewrites, editing, and purging; the kind that burden an author until it is just right. But the writing is only the first task in introducing a work to the world. Landing a contract with an agent is a complicated and daunting chore, which some authors never want or realize. Refusals and denials abound. But Sharon chose to take all of her worthwhile rejections and turn them into constructive criticism causing major revisions to her book – a testament to the significance of keeping an open mind as a creative. By “letting down my pride and paying close attention to the criticisms” she weathered the harshest pathway to authorship and found an agent and a publisher to promote her work.

       Read more about Sharon Hart-Green and her award-winning novel, Come Back for Me, at https://www.sharonhartgreen.com/. You may purchase the book on Amazon.com in both Kindle and paperback format.

You Kicked Over My Sandcastle

We met in a sand covered land.

The water washed up onto an unknown shore.

Isolated together through happenstance,

but the land was ours to explore.

So, we began this unknown journey

that was foreign to both our souls.

A castle built of sand

which would last until we were old.

It wasn’t built on fairy tales.

It wasn’t built on romance.

It was built upon a sacred vow

and friendship upheld by chance.

Behind the back of the other,

another life was being led.

One that lurked outside the boundaries.

An omission of words unsaid.

We built a solid base

that reached three stories high.

Up to the sturdy curtain wall

to protect us from the night.

I mixed the sand with stones,

to craft the battlement with power and might,

But you removed those stones of strength

and replaced them with shale at night.

In the streaming sunlight

our castle continued to grow.

Steps laboriously sculpted to reach the bailey

where our children ran to and fro.

A moat dug deep around this dynasty

to embrace the dreams inside.

But alas the drawbridge didn’t suffice,

the inner enemy those dreams decried.

The final stage was upon us.

The keep seemed stalwart and fine.

But one soul of the castle was vulnerable

to his own cowardice and crime.

His other life took over

without any shame or remorse.

His boots began to crush the sand.

The lives he bludgeoned with force.

The aftermath was gruesome.

Our souls shredded with pain.

That the other so filled with betrayal

felt nothing but disdain.

You kicked over my sandcastle,

that I lovingly created with trust

to shield my children from brutality,

but you squashed it all to dust.

Why should I be so surprised

when the foundation was not true?

A sandcastle built on sand

Can be nothing but black and blue.       ~ Anna Moreland