About E.M. Duesel

E.M. Duesel is a sociologist and writer. The art of story telling is of great importance in her work, so the development of characters and the depiction of situations are communicated in detail. She finds the social world an abundance of undeveloped tales just waiting to be narrated. Her novels are an artistic reflection of reality.

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Duesel currently resides in her hometown in Indiana with three children, eight grandchildren, and five grand-fur babies. She enjoys playing piano, visiting old friends, and redecorating her home in her free time.

E.M. believes in giving back to her community and has been an active participant in local politics. Before retirement, she worked as a community leader and as an Executive Director of agencies that assisted the poor and the homeless.  She currently teaches young adults part time as an adjunct professor and is an advocate for the U.S. homeless and people in poverty.