ILLEGAL by E. M. Duesel soon to be released by Aignos Publishing, LLC

Look for Illegal by E. M. Duesel and published by Aignos Publishing, LLC, soon to be released.  The work is currently in layup.

Illegal is an intense story about a Mexican-American family and their friends as they deal with the trifecta of cartel violence, vigilante justice, and hate groups in the Border town of Laredo, Texas.  You will laugh, cry, and fall in love while the lively characters experience life threatening escapades in order to merely survive the prejudice and violence happening to them because of their ethnicity and heritage.

Duesel investigates the very real racism that exists in the United States by incorporating the results of her research into an eye opening revelation that Mexican-Americans and people of Latino decent have been the target of vigilante justice and hate groups all over the United States, but more so in the Border States.

She says of her work, “America has become a hotbed of unearthed racism, mostly because it seems to now be an accepted practice.  Illegal could have taken me in many different directions, and as a matter of fact, I had intended it to explore institutional racism. However, my research revealed an area of oppression, sex trafficking, of which many are unaware. The deaths and desecration of the bodies of young women found in the deserts of Mexico needed explanation.  It was easy to express the dire circumstances felt by Mexican-Americans, especially on the US/Mexican border, but the added dilemma that their girls and women could easily be kidnapped made the storytelling unique.”